The City of Parking

December 13, 2008

Qusthan Abqary

If you have ever visit Yogyakarta, there must be one thing that you always see but probably never been realized that it contains some problematic issues. The crowded in Malioboro as such, never been completed without rows of motorcycles be parked on the road. Some cars get parked on some alleys linked to Malioboro.

Tukang parkir, special call for the parking men, can earn money 30,000 up to 50,000 rupiahs per day. They are not poor enough based on the United Nation standard of poverty.

Youth will be less curious to pursue their future through education, because they believe that there is guarantee not to become unemployed, after graduation or even not to graduate, by being the parking men. This work does not need education nor special skill with less risk if you do the job unseriously.

Youth easily can be influenced by temptation to earn much money easily and not against the law. You just have to use whistle; vest to show that you are one of the parking man; hat to protect your face from the sun; and some cardboards. What you have to do are only blowing the whistle to control where the motorcycle or car should be park; to tidy up the rows; to cover the motorcycle’s seat or car’s windshield by using cardboard; and then collect 500 up to 1,000 rupiahs per motorcycle or car when it is done.

On the other hand, if you, as one rider, lost your crash helmet; got some scratches on the motorcycle or car; even lost your motorcycle on the parking area; neither the parking men nor their holding institutions will never give any compensation instead of their lack of attention while working.

It does not rare that the parking men ask much more expensive than normal price of the park ticket. It always happen that rider only leaves behind peeve after bereaved one of their properties or got some scratches on the motorcycle, car, or crash helmet. Moreover there are some claims on the parking area that the parking men do not responsible for all kind of bereavements.

What kind of service which does not give any guarantee? Should we still pay for that kind of service? What kind of business which never give mutual benefits to the both side? Can we still call it as one kind of service? Can we let the youth not to pursue his or her future through education caused by the unnecessary temptation?

I, perhaps, am too stupid to comprehend and accept that kind of business. I, possibly, am too fool to imagine if someday Yogyakarta will not become the city of education anymore which it means that there will not be any good human resources stay and live there. I have no idea whether the local government realize it or they have been become so busy to think such not so crucial problems.

It does not exaggerate to say that the parking men are not much different with hoodlums who strain their will to the others. If parking business will like to immagined on the other way, it should be manage as well as possible. Not just about collecting money from riders but also move the motorcycle, for instance, as carefully as possible.

The local government has to make some trainings for the fledgling parking men and starting to think how to make some compensations, though not compatible with the price of the loosing or broken things, by the benefits of every months.

Many titles have been given to Yogyakarta. But there will be one more title, probably hard to accepted by local people, that is the city of parking. It simply because Yogyakarta depends too much on the parking business.

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Qusthan Abqary - I am a lecturer and teach some subjects such as Ethics and Social Awareness, Corporate Governance and Ethics, Business Ethics, Critical and Creative Thinking and others. My research interests are political philosophy, ethics, peace, and war.

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