The Motherland is Pregnant

October 1, 2010

Qusthan Abqary

We saw the very cruel attitudes done by the Government of Malaysia to the three officers from Indonesian Ministry of Ocean and Fishery while the Government of Indonesia gave pretty well services to the seven Malaysian fishermen who stole in the Indonesia’s territorial waters few weeks ago. Most Indonesians were angry and even throw feces to the Embassy of Malaysia in Jakarta and sweeping Malaysian in some cities. Furthermore, some Malaysian youth’s organizations came to the Embassy of Indonesia in Kuala Lumpur to show their protest about what happen in front of their embassy in Jakarta.

On the one hand, Anwar Ibrahim (Economic Advisor for the State of Selangor and the opposition leader) admitted that the Government of Malaysia appears like a new rich person who tends to act arrogantly in order to show his or her power and prosperity. On the other hand, Anwar Ibrahim infuriates with most student movements in Malaysia which do not have any braveries to confront with UMNO which is in charge in Putra Jaya. In short, there is no radicalization among student movements in Malaysia even though there are many discussions, seminars, conferences, and trainings for students. Even Anwar Ibrahim believes that this situation is connected with how the British Empire treats Malay people during the colonialism era. He said that the British always like to dock their warships and then make negotiations with Malay people who frightened by the canons which are ready to blow everyone’s head on the bitch. It is totally different with how the Dutch who loves to use violence and wars with the Indonesians. He thinks that the different approaches by the British and Dutch are significant on how the locals react to unjust, corrupt, and undemocratic regimes in both countries since its independency. Colonialism and imperialism makes huge cultural differences between Indonesia and Malaysia.

Malaysia is “lucky enough” being colonized by the British and become the member of commonwealth countries around the globe; than the Dutch who arbitrarily likes to absorb Indonesian natural and human resources and then gave a little ethical politics while social democratic party was take the power in Holland and gave scholarships which then shaping Indonesian founding fathers and mothers. Currently, United Nations just appoint Mrs. Mazlan Othman, a Malaysian astrophysicist, to be the first space ambassador. She is the one who will be the person in charge whenever the so called aliens make contact or even invade the planet earth. She is former Head of UN Office for Outer Space Affairs (Unoosa). We should congrats this news and hope that the ambassador would work fairly, honestly and as well as possible because she is not represent her country Malaysia but human being in planet Earth. Stephen Hawking warned that aliens’ invasion would be worse than Columbus expansion to America which marginalize the locals for years. Yet, what is the meaning of nationalism next? It is a hard question. On the one hand, cooperation among nations would shape the development process of communication between human and aliens. As long the national, regional, and global issues like poverty, wars, economic and political crises, terrorism, and global warming do not solve well, equally, fairly, and just through the UN; so the cooperation among nations in any single issue would not succeed in the near future. On the other hand, cooperation among nations might depend to the extent that white-capitalism-business influences the global economy.

Government of Indonesia should admit their lack of roles in the international politics, science, and technology. Government of Indonesia should be honest in explaining why the Ambalat Islands goes to Malaysia. So, it does not weird why the Indonesian government did not show their anger when three officers were treated like criminals in Malaysia. Hence, it is normal that one person who called to the program of Suara Anda, Metro TV, Jakarta, and frankly showed his prejudice that Yudhoyono might got much money from Malaysia for his presidential campaign in 2009.

Indonesian people are waiting for the legal examination of Century Bank’s case. President Yudhoyono is got indirect counter attack from Yusril Ihza Mahendra through the judicial review of General Attorney’s term of duty. Sri Mulyani is back and raising supports from her colleagues in order to running for the election in 2014. Some student movements would like to make ten days demonstrations from October 10th-20th when Yudhoyono’s second presidential term was got one year since 2009. Tarakan was chaos for some days which is seen like horizontal conflict. One bombing was blast in Bekasi with a letter which sounds like an intimidation to the National Police. Vice President Boediono is doing nothing while President Yudhoyono was attacked from everywhere. Special staff for legal issue, Denny Indrayana, was got negative comments when trying to defend Hendarman Supandji as General Attorney after Constitutional Court partly approve Yusril’s appeal for judicial review on Attorney Law. One saying which might represent the present situations is “ibu pertiwi sedang hamil tua” (literally means ‘the motherland is pregnant) which refers to the political and social change during the Old Order regime. We “miss” the polling about president’s popularity which did not appear since few months ago. What’s wrong with president’s popularity? Does president’s popularity declining so there is no polling which appear on media?

Yet, we do not want that political, social, and economical elites hijack the reformations processes like what was happen in 1998. We do not want that the least advantage people would not get better life after the reformations. We do not want to give any blank check to the elites. We do not want to be the victims of conflicts among legal, political, and economical elites. What we want is clear that each person should get goods according to his or her needs. We want that political party should empower and represent their members. We want that corruptors should get punish by using the capital punishment because human is basically a moral agent who could choose to do good or bad things and not machine which could be set to do or not to do something just by making some rules. Might God will bless our struggle.

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Qusthan Abqary - I am a lecturer and teach some subjects such as Ethics and Social Awareness, Corporate Governance and Ethics, Business Ethics, Critical and Creative Thinking and others. My research interests are political philosophy, ethics, peace, and war.

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