Dear Father

August 10, 2012

Dear Father,

Thou thought I wouldn’t know this
Thou thought your brother didn’t hear it
Thou evicted the angel of death in Malaka

Thee dealt with your own death
Thee sacrifice yourself for myself
Thee suffer for waiting my pending departure

Merely for the sake of my leaving
Simply for the sake of my study

I thought Thou already recognised these
That I will face the most difficult year in my life.
That I will face the leashed commemoration of yours on the first day I get back home.
Those are my preferences for the sake of goodness for your soul and body.

May Allah SWT increase Thou in peace
May Allah SWT increase me in knowledge
May Allah SWT increase our family in happiness

Brunswick, Melbourne, 21 Ramadhan 1433 / 10 August 2012
In the midst of winter, fasting, and sadness

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Qusthan Abqary - I am a lecturer and teach some subjects such as Ethics and Social Awareness, Corporate Governance and Ethics, Business Ethics, Critical and Creative Thinking and others. My research interests are political philosophy, ethics, peace, and war.

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