Fulan and Baba

September 8, 2012

Fulan asks to Baba, “Mate, you always look sullen, complicated and frowning your head. Doesn’t life look beautiful for you?”

Baba: “Well, I would like to enjoy the life. Yet, my job is to worry the world.”

Fulan: “What’s your occupation, mate?”

Baba: “Interpreting the world, comrade.”

Fulan: “You seem like a philosopher: lying, perplexing, confusing, misleading but without changing the world, comrade.”

Baba: “Don’t you realize that we, philosophers, work for the future? Establishing and reevaluating institutions, against cliché, and developing moral.”

Fulan: “How could you afford the bills merely by doing those?!”

Baba: “Dude, is your name Fulan bin Fulus?”

Brunswick, 9 September 2012

Tentang Penulis

Qusthan Abqary - I am a lecturer and teach some subjects such as Ethics and Social Awareness, Corporate Governance and Ethics, Business Ethics, Critical and Creative Thinking and others. My research interests are political philosophy, ethics, peace, and war.

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