Happy Good Friday!

April 19, 2019

Saying happy Good Friday is controversial to some Muslims. To be fair, let us consider some following premise concerning religions and politics:
1) Religions are various one of which is Catholicism (A = B)

2) Catholicism has the Supreme Pontiff or the Greatest Priest viz., the Pope (B = C)

3) The Pope is also the Head of State of Vatican (C = D)

4) A state is an institution of politics (D = E)

5) Therefore, religion is politics in Catholicism (A = E)

Please stop developing a peculiar claim that religions and politics should be distinguished to the extent you cannot reject those five premise. Anyway, happy Good Friday!

Yours in solidarity,


Tentang Penulis

Qusthan Abqary - I am a lecturer and teach some subjects such as Ethics and Social Awareness, Corporate Governance and Ethics, Business Ethics, Critical and Creative Thinking and others. My research interests are political philosophy, ethics, peace, and war.

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