Is fascism ipso facto terrorism?

April 19, 2019

    Qusthan Firdaus
    Suppose there were another bomb exploded in two nightclubs in Bali. Killing 38 Indonesians, 88 Australians and other 20 nationalities. Thereby, being similar to the one happened in 12 October 2002.

    Yet, the actor were not a Muslim but a white supremacist, extremist or a fascist like Brenton Tarrant (BT) who killed 50 people in Christchurch, New Zealand or Anders Breivik (AB) who slaughtered 77 people in Norway, and suggested that Muslim immigrants should be given a chance to convert to Christianity.

    Will Indonesian and Australian governments take it as a case for establishing a claim that fascism is ipso facto terrorism?

    Graham Ashton, the Victoria Police Chief Commissioner, believes that Australia based right-wing extremists eschew violence despite the fact that BT brutally massacred 50 Muslims in Christchurch.

    It is sad to notice, on the one hand, the Australian Signals Directorate has the cyber capability to take down the ISIS’ online propaganda and communication including hijacking three terabytes of data.

    On the other hand, the Australian authority was fail to foresee the white supremacist terrorism. Instead, they could have gathered information from online pages managed by the Lads Society, the United Patriots Front or some platforms such as 8chan in which case is used by BT to announce his action; and another platform called 4chan.

    Moreover, Peter Dutton the Australian Home Affairs Minister insists that no criteria of terrorist organisations is shared by any far-right groups in Australia despite the fact that BT made an online connection with a Queensland based Nazy sparky organisation.

    Among 26 organisations being listed by the Australian federal government (, neither their headquarters are located in Australia nor their ideologies reflect the notion of white supremacy. All of them are “Muslim” related organisations in Middle East and Southeast Asia.

    It is peculiar to notice the fact that Australia is not a home to any terrorist organisations despite some of its citizens commit terrors in Middle East and New Zealand.

    The idea of loving your own ethnicity is not exclusive to a particular ethnic group nor nations. However, once it escalates into supremacy, it is awfully fascism.

    Initially, the word fascism exclusively refers to the Benito Mussolini regime in Italy (1922-43), Nazy Germany (1933-1945) and Fransisco Franco in Spain (1939-1975). Thus, it propagated to Japan (1930-1945).

    Apparently, the virus of fascism was born in Europe. It shares a similarity to the idea of the chosen nation in Judaism. Having said that, how the Israeli Defense Force handles Palestinians might reflect the idea of state terrorism.

    Given that fascists are not pacifists, and they rampage against outsiders; then it is likely that fascism shares some similar features with terrorism.

    Although international experts argue one another on the meaning of terrorism, one may suspect some of its characters.

    First, terrorism contains the nuance of political violence. It is political because it strikes a political institution or a community. Fransisco Franco was successful in overthrowing a democratic republic through the Spanish Civil War.

    Second, the outcome is extreme fear against a certain entity such as immigrants or minorities. Prejudices and hatred are some other entailments. Nazi succeeded in forcing Jewish people to emigrate in the 20th century Germany.

    Third, the actors are not limited to civilians but it could also be done by a legitimate authority either a kingdom or a state. The Spanish Inquisition was a historical example of state/kingdom terrorism.

    It is not difficult to agree that individual or organisational terrorism is awful but we should not ignore the state terrorism.

    Fascism is extremely oppressive, totalitarian and intolerant so much so that it implies fear on other ethnics. Extreme fear is the outcome of terrorism. Therefore, fascism is ipso facto terrorism.

    Bogor, 3 April 2019

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