For and Against the School of Night

June 7, 2020

Ooo…the School of Night

You proclaimed that “Black is the badge of hell”

Yet, black is the badge of universe

Ooo…the School of Night

You extolled that “Black is the hue of dungeon”

Yet, black is the abstruse quality of knowledge

Ooo…the School of Night

You boasted that “Black is the School of Night”

Yet, black is the oceanic abyss of philosophy

Ooo…the children of night

Sleeping is the little brother of death

You shall be very lucky if you die in your sleep

Ooo…brothers and sisters in faith

Wake up at the last third (of night)

Exalt the All Mighty

Begging for noesis

Ooo…the children of night

Set your minds free

Tiptoe between

the principle of non-contradiction

and dialetheia

Ooo…the children of night

Constitute your thoughts

Strengthen your arguments

Cohere your premise

Dance with your pen

Ooo…brothers and sisters

For sincerity do we, the children of night, work through nighttime

Against procrastination should we exploit all nights

30 Ramadhan 1441 H/ 23 May 2020

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Qusthan Abqary - I am a lecturer and teach some subjects such as Ethics and Social Awareness, Corporate Governance and Ethics, Business Ethics, Critical and Creative Thinking and others. My research interests are political philosophy, ethics, peace, and war.

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